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“Beautiful, also, are the souls of my people.” – Langston Hughes

In honor of Black History Month, this week’s streetstyle t-shirt proclaims that Black is Beautiful.  It’s the second time since I created this  column that I have featured this tee (see previous image below left). What I appreciate and admire is the simplicity of this Black is Beautiful classic teedesign and the power of this phrase. It has a way of bringing out not only the pride in its wearer but a style that is individually strong and influential. Each look is both clean and classic with a touch of afrocentricity that makes them equally symbolic and profound.
Black is Beautiful, as a term, was rumored to have been coined in a speech by John Sweat Rock, an American teacher and abolitionist in 1858, who was also one of the first African American men to earn a medical degree. What we know for certain is that in the 1960s, these words gave African-Americans the confidence and courage to have pride in their unique beauty. This social consciousness became a movement that eventually evolved into global phenomenon amongst people of the darker hue. Writers, artists and even future politicians were able to find and develop their voices given this new sense of self and community.  Such moments in our past have paved the way for Black History Month to ascertain the  international observance it justifiably receives. In the United States and Canada, it is observed in February and in October in United Kingdom.

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