streetstyle t-shirt of the week: mercedes benz new york fashion week

ny fashion week streetstyle tshirt of the week

“Controversy is part of the nature of art and creativity…” -Yoko Ono

mercedes benz fashion tentIn spite of all of the wretched winter weather Mother Nature has inflicted upon us in the past week, the uber-chic came out to see the fashion collections for Autum/Winter 2013 each day and braved the elements in style as only true fashionistas could.

As I have always said, the real runway show during any Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week always begins at the curb. As each shiny, black sedan or taxi drives up to let out some divinely stylish creature, photographers clamor for access to get the perfect shot at the perfect angle. The bright lights from the flashes follow each and every step as said fashionistas walk that walk up the long corridor across the plaza at Lincoln Center until they reach the entrance at the main hall where the designer shows are held.

autumn/winter 2013 ny fashion week

They display attitude and so much more while sporting bold, dark glasses, carrying a cell phone in one hand and a designer handbag in the other with a strut that could put any uber runway model to shame. Some even give a little pose here and a little pose there. While others who are just too above it all to care about the circus going on around them, let their chiseled chins lead the way. You will always see a cluster of photographers following like sheep in a herd behind the most stylish. And I, like everyone else with a camera in their hand, was just happy to have been there to capture it all.

In this week’s streetstyle t-shirt photo shown above, a vintage black and white tee of Yoko Ono becomes the centerpiece of a stylish winter ensemble. Paired with faux fur (hat and jacket), bold color and classic accessories, this well coordinated look is perfect for the day of love.  Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! Air kisses to all.

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  1. blart says:

    Looks like Michael Jackson Fashion

  2. Eleonora Natili says:

    As a fashion editor, I was one of the attendees at the Mercedes-Benz shows, and can assure you that there were very few really chic people in the audience. As for what went on outside, many of the outlandish getups were worn to call attention to specific designers — it’s one way to advertise, right?

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