streetstyle t-shirt of the week: 99 problems

99 problems...

I’ve got 99 problems but…

It’s the Saturday before Superbowl Sunday!  And, what better way to honor this annual event of hearty parties and all things that go “oink” with that coveted pigskin than to feature a t-shirt of the week that takes a jab at the classic football jersey tee? “99 Problems,” the infamous hip-hop song that is now a classic of its own was written and performed by none other than Mr. Beyonce himself… Jay-z. He, who is known as hip-hop royalty, one of the Forbes Five, a superstar, super savvy businessman, super dad, and just plain old super-super.  Madame Beyonce, we all know by now, will reign supreme over the half-time Superbowl showdown hoot.  And speaking of problems, the lip synching saga captivated too many over little of nothing for far too long.

But back to the tee, or should I say, tee set. Because as you can see, this is the quintessential his and hers combo of combos! Taking its lead from the lyrics of the song, “I’ve got 99 problems but being a b*!%$h ain’t one…,” we are given a literal illustration of these words here with a little swag added for that extra sporty flavor.  So, the next time you and your current heart throb are ready to slide down the Soul Train line at the in-zone dance, do it up in his and her style…problem free, of course! Now, let’s get this party started and may the best team win.

Catch Super Bowl XLVII on CBS and that alternative event for the super cool, the Puppy Bowl, shown exclusively on the Animal Planet. Check your local listings for times and stations.

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