streetstyle t-shirt of the week: stone cold

tshirt stone cold

Crazy…stone cold crazy, you know.

This week’s streetstyle t-shirt of the week, “Stone Cold,” is the moniker of the WWE wrestler, Steve Austin (see photo left below). It could also easily describe the current artic chill we are experiencing here in New York City and other parts of the country.

WWE wrestler Steve Austin

WWE celeb, Steve Austin

Even Steve Austin’s slogan, “Arrive. Raise Hell. Leave.” sounds like an ironic, wintry vendetta conjured up by Mother Nature and Jack Frost for us to harshly endure.

These stone cold single digit and below zero temperatures are some of the lowest on record in a number of years. This is the kind of cutting frigid that gets into your bones and chills for a while (pun intended).  And it is not over yet, my friends. Snow is rumored to be on its way. So, get some hats on those heads, fellas. You’re gonna need them.

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