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t-shirt cigares de joy

Cast your health worries to the wind with Cigares de Joy!

Haven’t had time to get that flu shot yet? No worries, light up a Cigares de Joy and cast your health worries to the wind. Back in the nineteenth century, they were the rave within the medical profession. Cigares De Joy, or as we would refer to them today, marijuana cigarettes were widely available  and sold over the counter in Australia from the 1840′s to the early 1900′s. Their advertisement shown on the tee above was published in The Illustrated Australian News in 1881.

Their claim at that time was that “Joy’s cigarettes afford immediate relief in cases of asthma, wheezing, winter cough, and hay fever, and, with a little perseverence, effect a permanent cure.” They also assured that these little miracle numbers could be safely smoked by both ladies and children. That’s right, you heard it here first, I did say children.

1880's cigarett ad Cigares de JoyCigares De Joy were also recommended in publications such as the London Medical Journal and the British Medical Journal. In 1875, the Medical Times and Gazette claimed that they were ”very useful little agents for inhaling the smoke of stramonium.” Datura stramonium and its relative Datura tatula were common remedies for asthma. Stramonium is hallucinogenic and an overdose can be fatal.

To the left, is an example of the original ad. The addition of the suggestive smoke in the t-shirt design shown above could have been better executed but doesn’t detract from its whimsical spirit. Now…where’s my Cigares de Joy?

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