streetstyle t-shirt of the week: eating is…

The quote shown above on this white long sleeve tee made it the perfect choice for this week’s “streetstyle t-shirt of the week”. The words, “Eating is an agricultural act,” come to us courtesy of Wendell Berry, the prolific academic, economic critic, farmer, and author of heaps of books including “Organic Gardening and Farming” and “The New Farm.” The beautiful use of this simple serif font strategically balancing both upper and lower cases to exhibit the fertile statement on this t-shirt is brilliant. I always feel like I am getting a little more bang for my buck when there is a graphic on the back of my t-shirt as well. And in this case, who cares what’s on the front? The meat and potatoes of this deal will only be seen on my shoulder blades.

When you look at the environment where I snapped this little gem, it offers up quite a backdrop. The hustle and bustle of New York City streets is a vast contrast to the smart yet simplistic graphics, philosophical message and serenity the t-shirt’s wearer exudes as he passes others by. Even the ever so slightly soiled area on this tee could be contrived to suggest that the wearer may be coming from a farm rather than just walking down a busy street amongst others in the urban jungle.

So on this day of food and feast, consider when giving thanks, to give thanks full circle. For not only are we what we eat, but what we buy also reflects our choices as to whom we purchase it from. Through our actions, whether conscious or not, we are voting on the direction in which we want our food system to move. Interesting food for thought, indeed.  And on that note, I wish you all a happy and wonderful Thanksgiving! May it be rich with delicious meals to be savored and great memories in the making.

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