streetstyle t-shirt of the week: invisible children

east village women wears t-shirt referencing invisible childrenAlthough I really admire the balance of graceful femininity and bold strength displayed in the concept of this outfit shown above, I am really all about the t-shirt.  With its strong, in-your-face graphic, it represents a passionate grassroots movement from the other side of the planet. This eye-catching design is symbolic of the young children who are abducted in regions of northern Uganda in Africa and are forced to become soldiers of war for Joseph Kony and his Lord Resistance Army (LRA). Take note of the textured illustrated chest pockets and shoulder bracket. Combine these with the striking imagery of a large machine gun hoisted across the chest and aggressive military connotations easily come to mind. Of course, I didn’t realize any of this at the time when I snapped this photo. All I recognized then was a great design. And like many great ideas, there is a background story packed with impact that goes with it.

Tommorrow, On  November 17th, Invisible Children will launch an event in Washington, DC entitled “Move:DC” to raise awareness and broaden awareness of the atrocities currently taking place in Uganda. They also hope to keep decision makers in our nation’s capitol committed to ending this violence. Should you feel motivated to get involved, it’s not too late, you can register to participate in the event at  To learn more about Invisible Children, check out their website at

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