streetstyle t-shirt of the week: role play

Is this role play or a play on roles? That is the burning question one must ask oneself when looking at the design of this week’s “streetstyle t-shirt of the week.”  I found it both funny and a sad reminder of how little our definitive roles of gender have changed despite this being the 21st century and the year 2012. More telling than that, is the fact that I have seen this t-shirt design out and about a number of times in the last few months and it’s never been on the back of a woman. Note to self: there are always things to be grateful for..this would be one of them.

Gender role play took a detour the other night when I attended a fun session of the storytelling series, “Bad Date, Great Story,” at the downtown bar, Solas. This is one of those New York events where the battle-of-the-sexes saga had a chance to put down its boxing gloves, allow us to come together to share a cocktail or two, have a little reprieve and enjoy a little comic relief by laughing at ourselves.

Emi Soe, a co-creator of “Bad Date, Great Story”

My pal, Emi Soe, is one of the brilliant co-creators of this series. Be sure and check out their website, Bad Date, Great Story, to learn more about it and to read some of the hilarious tales from around the globe that detail the fun that has been had in the land of dating. Which just goes to show you, when you take away the barrier of language, the road to love is a bumpy ride no matter where you are on Planet Earth.

Guest performer, Yolanda Shoshana a.k.a. Shoshi

On the show that evening, was another one of our partners-in-crime, Yolanda Shoshana a.k.a. Shoshi, a lifestyle provocateur and oh so very much more. She offered up a few tips for the guys and gals which she delivered with just the right amount of humor and wit. Peep the merriment she has in store for you on her website, Luscious Lifestyle Diva. You won’t be disappointed.

But back to the tee and a burning question in closing, would the world be a happier place if the heart and dollar sign were in reverse positions on the t-shirt above? Ahhh…the roles we play and play and play.

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