streetstyle t-shirt of the week: space cadets

Since today is the day that the Mars rover Curiosity’s ChemCam (short for Chemistry and Camera) zaps Martian rock, #N165, I felt it only appropriate to select a t-shirt that featured space cadets.  NASA scientists say it will be the first time such a powerful laser has been used on another planet. The laser will work in conjunction with a telescope.

The dark, navy blue color of the tee shown above eludes to that otherworldly sky we so often connect with space and its oddities. Combine that with the bright (borderline neon bright) colors of the graphic characters illustrated on it and the result puts you in the mind of a 1950′s science fiction movie poster. The wearer’s bright red lips and big, bold sunglasses against her dark, black hair illuminated as she walked towards me. I didn’t want to be taken to her leader, but, I definitely wanted to snap her picture.

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