streetstyle t-shirt of the week: rastafari approved

In honor of Osain Bolt, who recently solidified his status as the fastest man in the world, and his fellow track and field crew of Yohan Blake and Warren Weir,  this week’s streetstyle t-shirt of the week is “Rastafari Approved.” This Jamaican trio continue to dominate men’s sprint running events in style at the Olympics 2012 and in global competitions around the world putting this tiny Caribbean island on the map for more than just its gorgeous, natural beauty.

The iconic look of the Rastafarian culture, a spiritual and idealistic movement, rose to prominence in Jamaica in the 1930s. It is now a recognized urban trend due to the international success of the eclectic reggae music scene which was born out of it. Jamaican native, Bob Marley (1945–1981), a prolific singer and songwriter is credited as single handedly educating and serenading the world on the Rasta way of life and became its recognized universal ambassador.  Proudly incorporating the colors of the Jamaican flag, with strong, afrocentric earthy and natural elements of the culture, the rastafari style is now recognizable around the world.

The t-shirt shown above and its wearer together exemplify this beautifully. From the abundance of his dreadlocks neatly wrapped in a tie-dyed head-wrap to the expressiveness displayed in his beard, the rastafari look is a reflection of earth and nature in color, characteristic and inflection. The bright, bold yellow graphic stamp effect used above consolidates the status his true style…rastafari. Irie!

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  1. Give thanks to see this picture and the article. The t-shirt Rastafari Approved is on sale at SHIRT WITH A MESSAGE

  2. dgoins says:

    so glad you approve. i am always on the lookout for intriguing designs.

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