streetstyle tshirt of the week: england!

It’s hard not to be swept in the moment. Our collective eyes are globally focused on one place…England. 2012 is the year of the 30th Olympiad Summer Games and, London, England, one of the oldest and busiest cities in the world, has proven itself to be the most gracious of hosts to the world most elite of athletes and the worldwide fans who have come to see them chase their respective gold.

From the inventive and thoroughly British opening ceremony to its use of cites and towns both big and small utilized for all of these amazing events, England is a shining star. And, this week members of the British Olympic team laid gold at the feet of its fellow citizens six times. They have since been immortalized by the Royal Mail with official stamps commemorating their wins. An example of this is shown at the left. This is what hard work and dreams are made of.

The cool tee above with its brash interpretation of Union Jack prompts us all to stay calm and carry on with our individual style.  With a design that makes complete use of the  t-shirt, it’s easy to see why this tee is such a standout. The graphic texture within the elements of the flag’s usual staid design give the traditional Union Jack a fresh, modern look ready to face the world in 2012.  Add to this the sporty sophistication of the wearer and you end up with that regal panache that only the British do so well.

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bang! bang! flip graphics...there’s something for everyone!

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