streetstyle t-shirt of the week: chick magnet

I have never considered myself a stalker, but, there are times in life when stalking is the order of the day. I had seen this person of interest a couple of times during my travels around the Columbus Circle area. But, of course, I didn’t have my camera or I couldn’t get my iphone out of my bag fast enough to seize the moment.  For days after that first encounter, I would exit the station with my camera in one hand, and iphone in the other prepped for whatever the situation might occur, but alas! our paths never crossed.

And then, one bright sunny day, as bright sunny days would have it, it happened.

What I adore most about this character is his swag…yes, I said it…swag. Because, let’s face it, you definitely need BIG swag to not only consider yourself a “chick magnet” but to also wear a tee where it is handwritten. Add an old school phone graphic (also hand drawn) ringing at both ends, for a little extra effect (consider it a mating call, if you will), and well, your icon status will go platinum in a social media nanosecond.

I told him that I loved his look. His reply? Everybody does. Spoken like a true chick magnet.

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