All Things Belgian in a Tee

Wonderous wafel workers.

“The world is a wafel and all of us are merely dinges.”

This fabulous quote can be found on the wonderful website of, “Wafel & Dinges…all things Belgian,”  one of the many amazing food trucks that now offer cuisines from around the globe that can be found on the streets of New York City on any given day. As I have always told myself, inspiration in this city is always only step away.  And, this was the case  as I passed this wonderful food truck and spotted its two employees happily doing their thing (isn’t it nice to see happy employees for a change? so nice to know they that still exist).

The “Wafels & Dinges” food truck and its great concept have been named Top Food Truck by Zagat, titled “Top Food Truck in the Country,” by The Learning Channel and even been featured on such top shows as “Man vs. Food” and “Eat Street.” Wafels from all over Belgium are featured on their ever-changing menu serving up both savory and sweet options. The brown, yellow and black signature tees that are worn as part of the staffs’ uniforms are the perfect addition to tie this very colorful concept together.

So, the next time you encounter this bright yellow truck with the wafel waving at cha from the side on the streets of New York City, let your inner dinges guide you and try a little something.

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