streetstyle t-shirt of the week: the great hudson river swim

Bruce Wilson

I’ve been told that the only way to re-surface after a lo-o-o-ong pause is to hit it with a big bang, or as in the case here, a big splash! This past Saturday, May 26th, saw the return of the annual Great Hudson River Swim* in New York City. This is a 1.6-mile swim down the Hudson that starts at the Christopher Street Pier in the West Village and ends at the  North Cove Yacht Harbor in Battery Park City located in lower Manhattan.

Hundreds came from many states and around the world to participate in this annual event. Considered a great start to the Memorial Day Holiday weekend and the summer, it is also the season opener for NYC Swim, the organization which has coordinated swimming events in the waters around Manhattan since 1993.

A man's man...

The cool competitor shown above and at the left, is none other than, Bruce Wilson, a resident of Denver, Colorado and native of St. Louis, Missouri. This was his first time participating in this event and he completed the swim in just under 44 speedy minutes.

But this is nothing unusual for Bruce. He is what one would classify as a man’s man. He’s a marathon runner, triathlon athlete, and an earnest swimmer, self-coached and trained, who averages a mere fifteen varying competitions a year. Did I mention that he is also a hardcore Harley guy who attends Sturgis each and every year? Oh, and yes, he even manages to squeeze in a little time for his day job as a Photojournalist for KMGH-TV, the local ABC affiliate.

Checking out the hardware.

Believe it or not, at the completion of this event, he was gearing up to dash off back to Colorado, with his lovely wife, Lisa (and leader of his cheerleading squad), to participate in the annual Bolder Boulder, a 10-kilometer road race in Boulder, Colorado which takes place today.

In these photos, he wears the official tee of The Great Hudson River Swim and has truly earned his right to be amongst the big fish in the big pond.

*First place male swimmer was Anton Whiteford of Greenwich, Connecticut with a time of 00:28:17 and the first place female swimmer was Emily White of Brooklyn, New York whose time was 00:31:58.


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