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giddy up and do a disco trot

It started as an invitation to a birthday party. Simple enough. It’s the middle of the

nuno, the birthday boy

summer and who could turn down an invite to an outdoor birthday party in Brooklyn on a lovely Sunday afternoon? I read the directions one last time and headed to the subway. It was only a few stops away.

A familiar neighborhood greeted me when I surfaced above ground. I wandered a few blocks in the wrong direction before remembering what a jungle Brooklyn can be sometimes. I knew I was close to the spot, Gowanus Grove, as the setting around me drastically shifted in minutes from brownstones to warehouses. I could see the banks of the Gowanus Canal, on my left and a large, eclectic crowd waiting to enter was buzzing like bees in front of me. As I approached, the music got louder with each step. At the entrance, I paid the fee and had my hand stamped with a very funky stencil of Michael Jackson. Nice touch.

I walked up the ramp. The music was pumping and I could hear happy voices, snaps and claps. I entered into what looked like a fabulously, wonderful and large backyard located on the waterfront. People were dancing hard to the beat. There were clusters of people everywhere, all grooving and grinding while paying homage to the insane sounds. It had that cool Brooklyn hipster crowd vibe. All cultures were represented. All types of style were on display.

Classic disco tunes and club favorites were mixed and re-mixed. The music line-up was outrageous  and brilliant at the same time. I realized that I was being seduced by the marvelous, “Horse Meat Disco.” This acclaimed London DJ collective brings together rare disco, ‘80s boogie, electro, fresh edits and all-new dance floor discoveries. Horse Meat Disco is dedicated to the industry of human happiness and pumps their music magic around the globe. They have created a series of music compilations, which have received stellar reviews.

It’s not often that you see a glittery, disco ball swaying from tall trees on a summery Sunday night in Brooklyn. But, this was a special occasion. As the sun began to set,  the lights dangling above us gave off a special glow. The crowd jumped up and down to the sounds, sang to favorite tunes and shook some “bootay” until the plug was pulled precisely at 9pm. It was a Sunday, after all. We had gotten the spirit and attended a church of a different genre. With regret, we all resumed our composure and left feeling saved and very much alive.

the church of party hearty

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