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When you walk the streets of New York City, you are destined to come across almost anything for sale 24 hours a day. There is no end to the many offerings to be had. Clothes, shoes, books…you name it. If your bartering skills are intact, you can walk away with a treasure for just a few wooden nickels.

I wasn’t in a buying mood when I came across this table of albums, but, I was struck by the fond memories that this album by Minnie Riperton conjured up for me. Appropriately titled, “Perfect Angel” it originally came out in 1974. It was a very successful album and has now become a soul and R&B classic. Many of the songs on it were arranged to showcase her amazing vocal range of five-and-a-half octaves.

I always loved the composition of this album cover.  It exuded fun, adventure and good times. It takes you back to summertimes long gone. A melting ice cream cone and good pair of worn-out overalls which she so fabulously wears sans a t-shirt.  So genuine and sincere.  Modern day stylists take note.

Minnie Riperton, unfortunately left us much too soon. Although she passed away at the young age of 31, she left behind so much. Her musical legacy will live on and on for generations to come. Her daughter, Maya Rudolph, was a regular comedienne on Saturday Night Live for many years and can currently be seen in the film, “Bridesmaids.”

Minnie Riperton truly possessed the voice of an angel. She really was a perfect one.

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