streetstyle t-shirt of the week: to hell and back

he's got a ticket to ride

This t-shirt’s catch phrase sums up how many of us have felt at least once after a rough day in the Game of Life. While, for others, it’s a never-ending experience of Groundhog Day that just won’t quit no matter how many hair-of-the-dogs you choose to knock back. Regardless of where you find yourself sitting on this fence, we can all relate to the strong imagery seen here.

Imagined or imagined, the concepts of hell have always been full of dread, doom and gloom.  This tee’s bold-in-your face graphics are explicit. The skull, the D.O.A. acronym, barbed wire and gun pointed directly at you, collectively, are all pretty good indications that you could only be headed to that one special place.   Add a pair of aviator glasses and an intricate arm tattoo, and you are pretty much guaranteed to be upgraded to first class on your round-trip journey.  Counter-balance all of this with our groover’s straight-no-chaser rockabilly style, and one can only hope he will look this divine when he returns.

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