…spliced songbird!

"spliced songbird," new t-shirt design inspired by two music icons.

On May 31, 2011, President Obama set forth a proclamation declaring the month of June as African American Music Appreciation Month. In it, he stated that it is a moment in time to honor the rich musical traditions of African-Americans and their gifts to our country and our world. Collectively, these musicians, composers, singers, and songwriters have made an enormous contributions to our culture by capturing the hardships and aspirations of a community and reminding us all of our shared values.

Throughout history, these talented individuals have globally innovated, pioneered and excelled in every aspect of this sector of the entertainment industry. And, along the way, they have brought us much joy as well as soothed life’s pains. With this in mind, I felt inspired to create something special that honored some of the works of these artists from both the past and the present.

The t-shirt featured above, “spliced songbird,” finds its inspiration from two songstresses who have been apart of my life’s journey, Josephine Baker and Grace Jones. Both of these iconic black women were ahead of their times and lead lives that are as legendary as their music.

The 100% cotton jersey tee, “spliced songbird,” is apart of the “femme fatale” category on our website and is available in a variety of colors for women and men. For further information and pricing, check us at: bang! bang! flip graphic t-shirts. There’s something for everyone!

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