street style t-shirt of the week: the lord of flatbush

This past week saw the annual Armory Arts Week of events here in New York City where over seven major international art shows, endless parties and art openings took place. The globe was truly represented in all things art as galleries and artists from every corner of the world presented the best of their best work. And, as always when the viewing of art is the objet du jour, comes the viewing of others. Art events have a way of bringing out the most colorful of people in their brightest attire.

I spotted a number of interesting get-ups and tees. But, this one instantly grabbed my attention as it is a classic in more ways than one. Honoring that 1974 film, “The Lords of Flatbush,” starring a fresh, young Henry Winkler and a spry Sylvester Stallone, it chronicles the life of a leather clad boys’ gang through their adventures in Brooklyn.  But, crowning the king of “New York-ese,” Woody Allen, the “Lord of Flatbush,” acknowledges that the real party has commenced by a true maestro.

In actuality, before he put Manhattan on the cinematic map, he lived in Brooklyn where he was born. Woody Allen was raised in a neighborhood along Ocean Avenue, one of the borough’s major thoroughfares. He is known to have fallen in love with cinema at an early age after having seen, “Snow White and Seven Dwarfs.” The movie theatre became his second home and the rest is as they say…history.  As we all know, he has gone on to become one of the most respected international filmmakers of contemporary times (and one of my favorite movie mischief makers) while singlehandedly putting New York City on the map as a celluloid character of its own and making Jewish New York neurosis a comedic form that we can all appreciate.

Yes, Woody Allen, you really do wear the crown. Long live the King!

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