holiday swag coney island style

holiday swag lola style.

Brooklyn and Coney Island are like New York City and the Statue of Liberty…it’s hard to visualize one without seeing the other.  But every now and then, someone thinks out-of-the-box and to the pleasure of us daily grinders, creates a juxtaposition to tickle our fancy…even if it is for a short time.  The Coney Island favorite, “Lola Star Souvenir Boutiques” is doing just that as it creates a sensation with its holiday shopping adventure, “Lola Star Soho Pop-up Boutique.”  Located on Broome Street near Broadway, it is my week’s pick as I continue my unofficial and totally random 2010 pop-up store holiday tour.

It’s hard not to be inspired by Coney Island and its rich history. For the past ten years, Lolastar Souvenir Boutiques has taken the best of Coney Island, vamped it up and served it fresh to you on a kitschy platter. Rumor has it that the store’s most faithful devotees travel from near and far just to make a purchase. Diana Carlin, Lola’s alter ego, is a master at mixing the authentic with the whimsical. Here you will find great t-shirts with super cool designs, authentic postcards and even lunch bags created in true Coney Island fashion. the Soho pop-up boutique is large enough where you can try out the pink leopard roller skates ($200) or comtemplate a custom order for your own hula-hoop. And yes, blue or pink feathers are an option for that ($40 and up). There are a number of fun littles goodies to be had in the price range of $10 to $20 that are the perfect stocking stuffers. Some of my favorites were the battling toy figurines where Mr. Bacon vs. Monsieur Tofu or for the veggie inclined(?), Mr. Corn Dog vs. Baron von Broccoli. Only a supersizing Ronald Mc Donald wouldn’t be able to find the fun in this.

these candy heart treats are made to order.

The boutique’s decor made me feel as if i had walked onto the set of the film, Xanadu. Fuschia pink, disco balls and roller skates with poms-poms meet saltwater taffy candy on caffiene. I absolutely adored the heart candy hassock-like cushions at the store’s entrance. They are actually available on special order and can be made with your own personal message. A thought for valentine’s day, perhaps?? It is literally just around the corner. Contact for information. I heard many ooooohs and aaaahs from other shoppers as they walked through the store. It was hard to tell if it their engaging outbursts were for the merchandise or the interior. Either way, it ‘s well delightfully deserved.

Lola Sar Soho Pop Up Boutique. 435 Broome Street at Broadway. Open through the holidays. 11 to 7ish every day. A limited collection is available online.

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