decadence becomes a book

A Bergdorf Goodman window 10/10

A Bergdorf Goodman window revisited.

As you will recall, back in October I posted an entry about an amazing Bergdorf Goodman window display I came across while strolling through midtown one evening. The windows at Bergdorf’s have a reputation for being decadent yet intellectual.  They create some of the most inspiring and imitated concepts in the city. I recently discovered that the two design powerhouses behind the windows of Bergdorf’s, Linda Fargo and David Hoey, are being honored for their work in the form of a coffee table book published by Assouline last month. Behind the scenes and on the team is a full-time staff of five and a rotating cast of carpenters, puppeteers and incredible artists who come and go.

the book, windows at bergdorf goodman

The book, "Windows at Bergdorf Goodman"

Called “Windows at Bergdorf Goodman,” the 14-by-17 inches, 144-page monolith retails for a mere $550 and covers the last decade of their incredible, collaborative work. It can be purchased online at But, hurry, stocking stuffers…only 1,000 will be printed.

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