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Central Park NYC

Autumn in Central Park

It is rare to find New Yorkers that have the same opinion on many things. But there is one area where we all agree. And that is that autumn in New York is a magical time. To a lot of us, autumn is the season when the city belongs to its inhabitants. The weather is cool yet calm. The summer heat and maddening crowds are gone and the holiday hordes have yet to arrive. The sight of the leaves falling from the trees and turning vibrant colors is apart of the fabled charm of the city, state and whole New England region.

It’s as if the city were in amidst of a maddening love affair. It dresses up in its finest to captivate its suitor. The romanticism is intoxicating and you feel privy to be a spectator of this passionate liaison. One can only imagine that this could have been the inspiration that lead songwriter, Vernon Duke to create the now jazz standard, “Autumn in New York,” back in 1934. The lyrics speak of autumn inviting, the thrills of first-nighting and that promise of new love. The pace and tone of this song captures the beauty and peace of gazing into the fall colors of Central Park while walking along the sidewalk of its western border, Central Park West.

Many covers of this song have been recorded; artists from Billie Holiday to Frank Sinatra have performed it. One of the finest and most classic renditions is the duo of Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong. It’s easy to imagine these close friends strolling through falling leaves in the park while majestically singing along.

movie poster autumn in new york

Movie Poster

In 2000, film director, Joan Chen directed actors Winona Ryder and Richard Gere in a romantic drama titled none other than, “Autumn in New York.” A number of scenes were shot in Central Park as well as other gorgeous parts of the city. Although the reviews for the movie were mixed, the city itself walked away as a shining star and did much to add to the fable of the enchantment of being here at this time of year.

Like so many others, I too, found myself inspired and swept away by the beauty of autumn in New York. Below are two designs, “Autumn Leaves Red,” and “Autumn Leaves Brown,” created in honor of this special time of the year. You can view other designs in our “Flower Power” category here.

Autumn Leaves T-shirts

Autumn Leaves Tees

Few things come close to Autumn in New York. April in Paris, perhaps? See you there. Can’t wait.

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