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Views from the boutique, "Miss Hoe"

Visual display delights from the boutique, "Miss Hoe."

What makes a boutique stand out from the crowd?

I asked myself this question on a recent stroll through Nolita, the neighborhood that is north of Little Italy in downtown Manhattan. There are thousands of shopping experiences to be had in New York City and they all vie for your attention as you pass them by. What they will do to get it, is any good fashionista’s guess. I stumble across intriguing and innovative boutique concepts all the time here. But it is a rare day when I come across the likes of a boutique like Miss Hoe.

Located on the corners of Prince and Bowery Streets, it positions itself in the pathway of some of the most stylish foot traffic that walks these city streets. My initial draw into the boutique was the innovative visual concepts that are featured in their windows. The mood is light and fun once you enter the boutique.  I was delighted to discover that the interior decor was just as charming  Very few of us would have the chutzpah to take little dolls’ arm and use them as bookends. But, Miss Hoe does.  And when you see what she does to the it’s head, you wonder if her childhood fantasies ever included sugar and spice.

The youngest daughter of a lumber business owner and a bakery chef in Malaysia, Abby S.F. Hoe arrived in the United States at the age of eighteen to study fashion and pursue a career in design.  She graduated from Iowa State University where she excelled in the field of visual art design. She spent six months of that time attending the acclaimed London College of Fashion in London, England. Before branching out on her own with a boutique and label, she spent a number of years climbing up the ranks designing menswear for a major label. She then began crafting toys and trinkets that became a hit in Japan. Takashimaya and Kitson retail stores couldn’t get enough, and Abby quickly branched out with women’s apparel and accessories.

Abby is an independent designer making it happen in New York City and proud of it. She creates clothing and accessories that are youthful, whimsical and full of fantasy. Her clothes are fun, feminine and affordable. Abby has a unique vision for life. “It shouldn’t be complicated,” she stated. Her thoughts on my initial question?  “It should be original, playful and stand out from the everyday mass on the high street.”  And that, her boutique does hands down.

Miss Hoe/2 Prince Street/646.684.3494

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