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never would be soon enough

"never would be too soon" by Julia Chiang

The astonishing thing about the creative is their ability to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. I have probably walked pass this work of art many times without noticing it. And then you have that one day where you remove yourself from your thoughts and take look at what you see. Text as an art form is such a powerful vehicle. Text based designs are often two-fold. The chosen words convey the message and their placement within the composition formulates the design.

street view of art never would be too soon

Street view of "never would be too soon."

Very few of us would have seen an aging wooden barrier in an urban landscape as a potential canvas, but Brooklyn artist Julia Chiang did just that. She has stated that she is often drawn to things unworthy and unwanted and has the ability to transform them into objects of desire. The words, “never would be too soon” collectively create such a poetic and romantic phrase. Created in 2009, this installation is aging with grace and gives texture to its words as it does. It stands 8 feet high and is 40 feet wide. You can view it in the downtown Brooklyn area on the corners of Atlantic Avenue and Boerum Place.

Our own design, “Inhale Love” is also a text-based design. We created it with a font that illustrates the message in an impactful, yet lyrical fashion. It is available for both men and women in an assortment of colors. Made in 100% cotton, it is available in both long and short-sleeved versions. You can view other designs from our “words say it all” category here.

inhale love exhale hate

Our t-shirt design, "inhale love"

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