NYC neon lights create t-shirt delights

NYC neon lights sparks vibrant t-shirt design

Some people say that New York City is the city that never sleeps. I believe New York City takes a nightly siesta. When it does take its rest, it wears night vision goggles and keeps one eye open at all times. Sometimes as you wander around the city at night, it is lit like a Christmas tree during the holiday season. The bright lights, vivid colors and kinetic shapes can be bewitching. It’s almost as if you are peeking through a large kaleidoscope whose lens is glazing over a gorgeous beauty bedazzling in a shiny, sequinned gown.

New York City neon lights at night.

New York City neon lights at night.

I actually started paying real attention to some of these bright lights recently and acknowledging them for the great art form they really are. Neon lighting is such a given in our common everyday existence that we simply forget to recognize the beauty that these visuals create and their evolution into modern times. We now see neon lighting featured in store windows and used to advertise bars and restaurants. It is commonly used as lighting for information and hazardous signs on motorways and transportation infrastructures due to its bright, powerful and eye-catching appeal. It has even developed into an art medium and can be found in recent exhibition works in museums and galleries throughout the world.

There are two museums in the United States dedicated to world of the neon lighting. In the 1980s, the Museum of Neon Art opened in Los Angeles, California. Las Vegas, Nevada, home to extravagant large-scale neon signs hosts, the Neon Museum, which considers neon a classic Las Vegas art form. It rescues signs that are discarded during casino and hotel remodeling and are destined for the city dumps. The museum’s displays include restored signs and a vast exterior storage area where vintage signs are stacked for future renovation and display.

So much that we see in the neon form easily transforms into a remarkable t-shirt designs. The popping, bright colors from that familiar glow provide a radiant illusory effect. Our design below, “The Pedestrian,” is our amusing take on this trend. It is available in both long and short sleeve versions and is made of 100% cotton. You will find other designs from our “wacky wonderfuls” category here.

Neon pedestrian t-shirt in short and long sleeves.

Our neon inspired t-shirt design, "The Pedestrian."

Once regarded simply as advertising, neon lighting is now considered to be promotion, utility and art.  Collection and preservation of vintage designs and contemporary interpretation of modern neon art assures its future lifeline is a vibrant one.

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