turntable adventures and a t-shirt remix

When is a turntable more than a turntable?

When it is an art installation. That is what I discovered at a recent opening at digitalfix, a part-boutique, part-gallery and part-wine bar, culturefix, located on Clinton Street on the Lower East Side. With an additional boutique located in the Bedford Mall in Williamsburg, they have positioned themselves to be the go to place for your out-of-the-ordinary and unique electronic needs and desires.

I was spellbound when I came upon the amazing turntable fantasy shown above. Hard-edged, severe and futuristic, it is eye rock

candy by any confectionary standard. After a brief chat with the sales person, I dashed over to their sister boutique in Williamsburg to see that masterpiece. There in the boutique’s entrance way sat the swank, posh design shown at the right. Its influences from an Eames chair design are undeniable.

These two remarkable design pieces are the works of Mikal Hameed, an amazingly talented artist who grew up on the West Coast. He has dabbled in spoken word, was once a performance artist, is a leading force in the world of music video production and ultimately, turned to production design. His works of this nature have been featured in numerous music videos as well as art for album covers and is recognized internationally. He lives to toy with the power of music and endless design possibilities.  By collaborating the world of beats and rhythm with furniture and mixed media sculpture, he collectively brings these elements to life as one. For pricing and custom order inquiries, contact Mikal at: m11x@mikalhameed.com.

This orgy of turntable love doesn’t end there. I found myself at the three-day pop-up music gallery on Mulberry Street for Insound, the Greenpoint, Brooklyn-based online music store whose motto is “vinyl is forever.” They are known for their impeccable selection of vinyl and well designed music products. The latest technology toys, the best band t-shirts and beautiful silk-screened concert posters were all on display and available for purchase (see photo montage below).

Each night, in conjunction with The Fader magazine and Tiger Beer, it was transformed into a nighttime social gathering hotspot featured various guest deejays and live music events. A series of original art layouts of famous album covers was also on display signifying a time not too long ago when such work was manual rather than computer generated.  The show was exclusively curated by the Insound staff.

Our own t-shirt design, “turntable remix,” continues the love for this device that has become a necessity in the world of mixing, beats, and grooves.  It is available in multiple colors and in long and short sleeve versions. Our video promo for this design can be

Our t-shirt deisgn, "turntable remix."

viewed here and illustrates our own adoration with the turntable. Vinyl enthusiasts seek out the turntable for its superior sound quality and the ability of great latitude for physical manipulation of the music.  Its lifeline will extend well into the 21st century as advocates continue to work towards the acceptance of the turntable as the musical instrument it has become.

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