when in need of a fashion pick-me-up, head to patricia field

Whenever I am in that drab grey state of mind and in need of a dose of fabulousness to the diva power, I take a religious journey to the fashion temple of Patricia Field. She is internationally known as the costume wardrobe goddess for the wildly successful television series and eventual movies, “Sex and the City.”  Her wardrobe credit list for film and television includes “Ugly Betty,” “Cashmere Mafia,” “The Devil Wears Prada,” “Confessions of a Shopaholic,” and many more. But before all of this came to be, she was better known as Patricia Field, “Queen of the Downtown Scene.” For more than 30 years, her downtown boutique in Greenwich Village was an international hotspot for celebrities, fashionistas and those-in-the-know-who-knew.  She is considered one of fashion’s greatest visionaries and has received multiple Emmy Awards, an Oscar nomination, the Albert Einstein Award for Innovation, the Fashion Council’s Accessories Award for Making Accessories Prominent and Highly Desired on the Fashion Scene just to name a few.

Views from the Patricia Field store

Patricia Field’s current shop on Bowery Street in the Lower East Side, a neighborhood that is coming to terms with its own gentrification identity crisis, doesn’t miss a beat. Her store interiors are noted as some of the most outlandish and would probably feel more at home on the King’s Road in London than the Lower East Side of New York City. On a recent visit, I spotted two fashion stylists searching for that out of the ordinary piece to complete a look. European tourists wandered in and out in states of intrigue and fascination. Dressed to the hilt, the mannequins strike poses in that very vogue style. Tunes from the heydays of the 70’s disco era pumped out beats on a overhead sound system. I notice a salesgirl singing along and getting her groove on while tidying up an already immaculate merchandise display. Prices range from the reasonable to the outrageous. I clocked a Lady GaGa cloth handbag that retails for $300 and had enough tchotchkes on it to make the high priestess of gaudy beam with pride or consider it a dress for her next shindig in the least.

Down a dark stairway whose walls are covered in dayglo graphics a la Patricia Field is the lower level. There you will find a mini boutique of merchandise created by Patricia Field that pays homage to the late Keith Haring in addition to other great items. Like her previous shop in Greenwich Village, she has included a hair salon. You can get a good cut but it is also a fabulous place to come and have your wig stylized beyond your wildest imagination. Outlandish styles can be had for the right price, of course. When the Wigstock Festival took place each year here, Patricia Fields’ was the go to place for your wiggiest fantasy. For the Gay Pride or even Halloween parades, Patricia Field and her team just can’t be beat.

I walk out of the store bright-eyed and bushy tailed, intoxicated with new ideas. I went in seeking inspiration and as usual, came out with so much more. Below is our feisty “Diamond Deluxe,” which features a hot hand grenade with a rock star diamond and  “Four Babes.” Four hot babes with “heads for technology” from a not too long ago time period. These two designs are created with influences rooted in the extreme and extravagant we have come to know as Patricia Field.

Patricia Field inspired designs, "Diamond Deluxe" and "Four Babes."

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