5 pointz and graffiti t-shirts

Although the street sign at the corner of Jackson Avenue and Davis Street in Long Island City, Queens, New York reads, “DEAD END,” it is anything but.

Should you take the Number 7 train to 5Pointz as I did, the bright, bold graffiti on the building tops greets you as your train surfaces from the subway tunnel to street level. Color, designs and styles clash harmoniously on the building facades as you walk towards this five-story block long industrial complex. Welcome to urban-style-street-eye-candy of the gourmet variety on a grand scale. This outdoor art exhibit space is considered to be the world’s premiere “graffiti mecca” and draws people from near and far. In the last few years, the roster of international street artists who have picked up an aerosol can and expressed themselves on these walls is list of who’s who in this world where street cred rules.

It doesn’t hurt it either to be located a stone’s throw away from MoMa P.S. 1, the contemporary art exhibition space.  These two draws alone have help to put this otherwise unassuming neighborhood on the map. Hip-hop and hot R&B stars have been rumored to pop in on the scene at 5Pointz from time to time to do a little bit of what they do here. It’s easy to see why. Upon entering the complex, you’re transformed into another world. Artists can be seen painting on huge mural size spaces, funky beats pulsate throughout while b-boys are scattered about the place being b-boys.

At a recent art opening, I met a street artist who had actually created a mural there. When he described what 5Pointz was, I was super intrigued. I realized after being there that it was beyond anything I could have imagined. It motivated me to create a number of graffiti-inspired t-shirt designs for our online collection.  Below is our design “GRAFFITI WALK,” it is a gritty, urban yet fun spin on the style of street art. It is available in both short and long sleeve versions, a number of wonderful colors and retails from $17.50 to $26.50.  View our other graffiti designs and our complete line here.

"walk graffiti" t-shirts by bang! bang! flip graphic t-shirts

"walk graffiti" t-shirts from bang! bang! flip graphic t-shirts

So jump on the train and head out to 5Pointz and don’t forget your sunglasses…the colors can be blinding.

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