i am brooklyn

I am Brooklyn.

In case you hadn’t noticed, Brooklyn is the new black. And, it is carrying its new stature with a swagger that Manhattan can only dream of.  As one of the brazen Brooklyn t-shirts I discovered states, “Brooklyn has been entertaining Manhattan since 1646.” Playing second fiddle never fit this borough and now that the cat is out of the bag…it ain’t getting back in. It started slowly, but its rise to the “borough to be” continues its ascension. Madame Manhattan has actually had to stop, take a look and wonder who pulled the carpet from under her feet.  She may have the skyline and landmarks, but Brooklyn and its undeniable style has become a force to be reckoned with in its own right. As the most populated borough, it offers a hot, thriving art scene and world-class restaurants not to be missed. Everyone wants a piece of this cake and with that goes the neighborhood(s).

Even this past week’s Page Six magazine from the New York Post jumped on the bandwagon and titled its cover story, “Brooklyn is Sexy.” The complimenting photo was that of Brooklyn Decker, hot model-of-the-moment and wife of tennis star, Andy Roddick. The title is a cunning play on her name while sending an approving nod to this groovin’ borough of boroughs. And just for the record, she is named after her mom’s favorite horse, Brook, not the borough, Brooklyn. Yeah, I know. I sensed your curiosity.

I sighted my first Brooklyn t-shirt on of all places, a busy street in Manhattan. Like an arresting face standing out in a crowd, it rose to the occasion. As fate would have it, once I saw one, Brooklyn tees seemed to pop up everywhere at anytime. I knew I was on to something bona fide by the time I discovered the robust “I am Brooklyn” tee proudly displayed in a Ft. Greene storefront window. The power of a t-shirt from the “BK” reflects the pride of its borough as well as its wearer.  A Brooklynite’s style is distinct. Individualistic, yet confident with a multi-culture flavor.

From Williamsburg to Bed Stuy to Cobble Hill to Brighton Beach. From the Heights to Bay Ridge to Park Slope to Fort Greene. The “BK” is in the house and here to stay.

Word to your mutha.

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