street style of the week: tennis ball meltdown on steroids

Whew! What a week to choose for an inaugural. New York City has been in maximum overdrive with activity. Each day has brought an event of note. So, where do I begin? As this is championship weekend of the U.S. Open Grand Slam, I think I’ll begin here…

mr. tennis ball has a bad day

mr. tennis ball has a bad day

It’s always good to see a mainstream brand that can let loose and poke fun every now and then. So, when I saw this little gem before me, I couldn’t resist the chance to grab this shot. I call it, “Tennis Ball Meltdown on Steroids,” they (Nike) call it, “Nike Madball Too Glow NYC Men’s T-Shirt.”  Now, say that three times fast.  It glows in the dark (imagine seeing that little face coming towards you one gloomy night) and retails for $22.00. You can purchase it on the nikestore website. Good luck to all the U.S. Open finalists. Bring your “A” game and show us what you got!

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